Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hello friends and family, so I took some time and finally got some more posts up! I hope you can take some time to look at all of them and see how our fun little life is going. Which for the most part is going well! I can't complain too much because there are many who are going through things way worse than me, but I've been trying to go off of my bipolar medicine so that Kody and I can try and have another baby! I'm so grateful for family and friends who are there to support me. I can't imagine having to go through this myself! It has been difficult because I finally felt great, but it's not as bad as I thought that is was going to be, well so far anyway. I've only come off of one medicine, I have one more to go. I just have to take one day at a time. The first month and a half or so is the worst. I hate anxiety more than anything and I'd rather die than have to go through that, but at the same time I can't wait to have another baby! I guess that you really appreciate things when you have to go through these trials, even though somedays I just want to give up, I'm so glad to know that I don't have to do this alone! I appreciate what was said in conference this last month about the things that our Savior went through, at least we have him to lean on, but even our Heavenly Father left him for a small moment so that He would know what it is like to be completely alone. I can't even imagine that! I'm so grateful for the knowledge that no matter what we have to go through, we aren't completely alone, even though it may feel like it at times, a lot of times. How grateful I am!

So for easter this year we went to the city egg hunt, which was very disapointing, so my friend and I did one for our kids in our backyard. And then of course the easter bunny came on Sunday. Sunday night we did one with Kodys siblings and then Monday we did another one with Kodys aunts, uncles and cousins at his grandparents house. I think I'm about easter egged out!! It was so much fun though! Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!!!

Naked cowboy

Kaden got some cowboy boots from his cousin Kendon. Talbot has to do everything that Kaden does, so he HAD to wear the cowboy boots too. They kept falling off which made Talbot so mad, but I managed to get a couple of pictures of him!


So Kodys birthday was April 1st and we celebrated it mostly all week between both families. It was so much fun. Happy 27th Birthday Kody!!!


So every conference weekend the Ashtons(my dads grandma and all his aunts and cousins and all my family) get together in Lehi and camp. This year it snowed on us. Thank goodness for trailers and generators. The boys had fun with aunt Mandy!


This was my favorite picture of the night. Kurtis and Mandy went and bought her some cowboy boots to wear for the reception. I loved it!


Here is Kurtis and Mandys reception. The arch and ice sculptures is what I did. I had so much fun doing them. The ice scupture has a rose frozen in the center of it. The picture is of our side of the family with grandparents too.

Here is Kurtis and Mandy when they got married in the Jordan River Temple. With pictures of our family and the boys playing in the water.


So I finally got new carpet in my house! I cleaned to old carpet and nothing came out, so I went and got me some new carpet! I love it. The old carpet was a gray and our new carpet is brown, which matches our new tile too. It's so nice!