Monday, May 4, 2009


So when we were eating sunday dinner last night we saw what appeared to be a tornado! Clouds were circling and it was over the bay. Then there was hail and the sky was just going crazy with lightning! It totally reminded me of the tornados that I went through when I was in Alabama! I thought, "I can't believe this is happening!" Of course we were all just standing there and not getting our cameras! Then the wind started heading in our direction (in a tornado like cloud) and was picking things up and swirling them in a circle. We saw a trampoline from the neighborhood below get picked up and flown clear to the other field. Then it went off to the left of us. Right after grandma called and was crying and told us she needed some help with her roof tiles. (Didn't know that the whole back yard was destroyed). A couple went over to help and called us to get our cameras. So we did and this is what we saw! Poor grandma. Your heart just sank! It can all be replaced, but it still sucks! We saw police cars going up the street so we went to go check that out and a camping trailer had been picked up and flipped on its side in the middle of the street. Some of the family talked with others who said that some had a deck ripped off and there was trees and other things all over the place. So crazy!!!

Tornado Damage

So this is the damage done to grandmas house. I still can't believe it!