Sunday, February 22, 2009

Draper Temple

We had the opportunity to go to the Draper Temple open house! My brother had gotten some tickets and I wanted to take a family with us (Aaron, Noemi and Kiyoshi) to show them what the temple is like and why we have temples. The whole week I told Kaden that we were going to the temple.
He said "JESUS"?
I said " Yes, we are going to JESUS' house".
He was so excited. We had to leave our house at 7am to get there on time. Even though we were so tired(because we were retarted and stayed up late) and we found out while we were there that Talbot had stuff coming out of his ear(so he was a little more awnry then usual) we were so happy to be there.
It was so much fun to see the look on Kadens face and he was way too excited to go from room to room. He kept trying to get in front of everyone and kept telling us Come on!!! It was awesome to go into the sealing rooms, they had us sit down and they explained more about the temple and the importance of the rooms. Then, of course, they had us look in the mirrors, to see what eternity would look like. Aaron and Noemi were so amazed at everything. It was so awesome to have had this experience. Hopefully we can go to the Oquirre Mountain temple open house here in a couple of months. Everyone start planning. The tickets go quick! I'm so glad that my brother planned so early and got these tickets for us! Pictured here is Kody, Kurliston, Talbot, and Kaden . Then my brother Kolter. Then Aaron, Noemi and Kiyoshi.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here is some of the fam.

Kurtis Bullriding

Kurtis, my bro, decided to ride some bulls one day and has been doing it now for a couple of months. Kody and I finally were able to go and see him. In these pictures Kurtis is getting ready to get on the bull. He is the one in the blue shirt with the helmet on and a protective vest(at least he was thinking of safety). It was so much fun! Kaden and Talbot and all of my siblings and my grandma and grandpa Vance and some other aunts and uncles and cousins came and watched him too. He did really good. I was amazed!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I can't believe how much kids learn so fast. The other day we were driving past the Ogden Temple and every time we pass I say "What is that?" And the boys yell "TEMPLE!!!" So I was playing on the computer one day and we have the Bountiful temple as our screen saver(thanks to my brother Kolter). Talbot walks into the room and points at the computer and says "TEMPLE!!!!". I almost started crying.

Then a few days later we were driving past the temple again and of course the boys yelled TEMPLE and I said that is where mommies and daddies can get married. So a few days after that I was going through my photo album of my wedding and Kaden was looking at some of the pictures from the reception. I said " That is when mommy and daddy got married" And Kaden said TEMPLE? and I said YA! And of course Talbot had to chime in too and say temple! I love watching them grow and learn!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So I did a lot more posts then I thought that I had time for. Hope that you have enough time to view them all! Hope your days are going well!


So Talbot does this really weird thing with his socks. He loves to wear them on his hands. It is so funny! He'll come running into the room and have them on his hands and run around the house all day with them on. I love it!


So my in-laws, Pam and Kirk, went on a cruise with Kirks mom and siblings. They went to Cabo. They brought back a few things for all of us including these hats and ponchos for the kids. The kids have had so much fun playing with all of the stuff.


So I was doing my hair one day and Talbot was walking out of the bathroom and fell. On what? I have no idea, but we ended up with a few stitches. He has his eye open in these pictures, but the poor thing was swollen. He did really good when they put the stitches in and you can't even tell that he had any at all!


So we went sledding! Kaden had so much fun doing it himself. He even went back up the hill himself, with the sled string around is foot. Then Kaden took Talbot himself, which he was just fine until they stopped at the bottom. It was so much fun!!!

New Years

This year for new years we were at the Braeggers. Kaden had fun blowing the noise makers, but Talbot didn't like them too much. Here pictured is Kaden Talbot and my mother in law, Pam.


So we finally made it to downtown Ogden to their light display. They have little houses with all kinds of stuff

inside of them. They also have these trains and the big moose!

Snowy Road

So after the Stucki christmas party it had snowed 4-6 inches in the 3 hours that we were there. The first two pictures are of the highway and the other one is the side road to our house. We could barely even tell where the road was!


I love going to Kodys grandma and grandpa Stuckis house and see the sleighs he makes for all of the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids!

Christmas Tree

Here is what our living room looked like for christmas. I love my piano. I got it for free and then painted it black. It was a lot of fun!


Here is Kaden after opening his present and my nephew Ty and Kody. He got a semi truck and trailers. I don't know who was more excited, Kaden or Kody! Talbot got one too.

Vance Party

so I'm waaaay behind, but here is pictures from Christmas. It is at the Vance family party. Here is Kaden and my Grandma and Grandpa Vance.

Whats new

Well just to let everyone know what is going on so far. I had my gallbladder out January 9th. It was great. I was really treated nice at the hospital and didn't want to leave, but of course you have to when you are doing outpatient only. Kody took the day off and my mom took care of me the next week. Cleaned my house and everything like she always does when she comes. Same with my mother in law Pam. It's nice to count on family to do everything. And I learned a long time ago to let everyone do everything while a recoup so that my recovery is quicker.
Well on a side note, my little bro Kurtis is getting married. He got off of his mission in September. Met Mandy a couple of months later and got engaged this last week. He is getting married March 7th. Very quick for sure! But they are so happy and just want to get married. They are going to live up in Logan until she finishes school and they need a cheap place to stay. If anyone knows of a place for them could you let me know, that would be great! So because of the wedding coming up so soon and so much to plan I haven't really had time to get on here. I get to help with a lot of the wedding, which I'm so excited for, so I will be really busy and when it is all done I will post pictures. I'm so excited for the center pieces, I'm putting roses in ice sculpures. It looks awesome! So until I post again, have a fabulous Valentines Day!!!!