Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maisie is here!!!

She's here! Maisie was born January 20th. She was 7lbs. 8oz. and 18 1/2 inches long! I went in for the 3rd time that week because I kept having contractions, but the doctor was being kind of stubborn about taking her because he said the due date wasn't until February 11th. I kept telling him that is was supposed to be January 30th, but he just wouldn't listen to me. He said that the ultrasound is more acurate than by the menstral cycle. Whatever! Anyway, after a very persistant nurse which I was so grateful for and the fact that nothing was helping with the contractions he finally decided to do the c-section. They had given me morphin and some other drugs, but nothing was helping. It sucked! I'm so glad that she was finally able to come. When the doctor was pulling her out he said " I think that we may have had your due date wrong". Ya think! He then said "how did we get it so far off?" Anyway, at least he was a little apologetic. I am still so grateful for that nurse. She was awesome! I would have had her that day anyway, but she just got the ball rolling a lot faster so I didn't have to suffer for forever. Anyway, she is here and we're all doing great so far! I just wish Kody didn't have to go to work next week. It has been way too nice having him home this week and the boys have loved it too!