Monday, November 15, 2010

Life and we'll leave it at that

Well, just a brief hello to everyone and a quick update. Yes I am so terrible at doing this, but at least I get to keep up on ya'lls blogs. Anyway, Maisie is growing up real quick, like most kids do. She has Talbots stubborness. Way more than he ever did at that age. I'm really in trouble. She even has the boys trained. Anytime she wants something they'll get it for her. And if there is something that they want that she has and she knows it and they start to get close to her to take it away and she will just start screaming. But as soon as they will back away and let her have whatever it was that they wanted then she'll just keep playing like nothing ever was wrong, but as soon as they try again she is all sorts of mad again. I am in real trouble.
As for the rest of us, Talbot we found out has an allergy to cashews. We were getting ready to walk out the door to go to church and I was so excited because we were actually going to get to church on time(and we have church at 1pm, how lame is that). Anyway, Talbot comes in and he looked all nice and dressed up. We had him in Kadens church suit cause he had grown out of it. And it had been a while since Kaden had worn it so we pulled it out and put it on Talbot. Anyway, he comes in just a sneezing. I have never seen anyone sneeze like that before. One right after the other and he just didn't stop. Then he started rubbing his eyes and his face started to get kinda red like a rash and then he started getting hives on them, and on his hands but not really anywhere else. I didn't know that he had eaten anything and so I thought that it might have been from the dust from the suit jacket (ok, it wasn't dusty, but it hadn't been worn for a few months so it was sorta dusty) so we ripped that off and then his shirt cause it just kept going. Then I thought that he might have sprayed some of Kodys cologne in his eyes or something, which wouldn't have been the first time. And he kept saying that he didn't. And he didn't smell like it. I asked him what he ate and he couldn't tell me. I knew that I had to get some benedryl in him soon cause I was afraid that he would start having a hard time breathing because we had just found out that month that he has asthma too. So I'm trying to figure out what dose to give for the benedryl (while debating with myself whether or not we should just take him to the doctor) and I asked Kody "was there anything that you know of that he could have eaten" (as he has been holding him this whole time helping me figure out what was happening to him). And he said "well he was eating some cashews". Well, that would have been nice to know like 10 minutes before that so I wasn't trying to figure out dosing and what was going on with the poor kid. By the time we got the benedryl in him his face was all swollen and his eyes were almost swollen shut. Poor kid. He looked like Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, just without the hump on his back. One eye was swollen more than the other. Anyway, so we kept him on benedryl and went to church, missed sacrament meeting, but made it for the rest of the stuff.
Later that night we were at my in laws and Talbot was on a chair waiting for everyone so we could eat and he started to swell up again and was sneezing and getting hives again. So I gave him some more benedryl. Anyway, all of the family had been talking about what happened that day and I don't know where my father in law was when we were talking about it but he looked over at Talbot and said "what's wrong with his face?". Really? Poor Talbot just kinda looked at me like "is there something wrong with my face"? I just had to laugh. My father in law makes me laugh, well most of the time anyway :) . So anyway, that is how we found out that he is allergic to cashews. I took him to an allergist that also deals with asthma and turns out that the cashew thing and asthma thing is a lot worse than I had thought. I have to carry around an epipen with me now for the cashew allergy and had to get a nebulizer along with inhalers for the asthma. Poor kid.
Well, I finally got used to that (a whole week of it) and Kaden then ends up in the hospital because he couldn't walk on his leg. They kept him over night and pumped him full of antibiotics and stuff and then sent us home the next day with the iv still in and I had to give him the antibiotics through the iv for a few days. Then the day after he is done with the antibiotics he can't move his arm. I at first was like, ok whatever, but I was talking on the phone with my mom on the way home from willard after trick or treating and I was telling her about his arm and that I was going to see if we have to go back into the doctors again. Well, I guess that Kaden didn't like that idea, I had asked him just before that to lift his arm up and he would only do it so far. After he heard me talking with my mom, Kody turns the light on in the car for a second. I said "what are you doing". Kody said that he saw Kadens arm up and he then asked him why his arm was up. He said he can get it high in the air now. So Kody turns the light off and we just keep driving down the road and Kaden starts to cry. I turned around to see what was wrong and he still had his arm straight up. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he couldn't get his arm to go back down. Poor kid. So we don't know what it wrong with him. In the hospital they thought that is was an infection in the hip because he had had an ear infection just about a week before that and he was allergic to the medicine so I didn't give him like the last couple of days of the antibiotic, so that is what they were thinking it was, but then with the arm thing they have no idea, so they are sending us down to primary childrens to see a rhuemitologist? Sorry don't know how to spell that one. Anyway, so we will see how that one goes.
So Friday the 12th I took Maisie into the doctor because I figured that she had an ear infection, which she did. So more antibiotics. Hopefully she isn't like Kaden and is allergic to 4 different antibiotics like him. The only side effect so far on this one is that she has red poo. Yes red. I freaked out at first, but then read the information stuff they give ya for each med, and it said that that could be a side effect. Interesting.
Well, that has been the last few weeks for us. It sucked and medical bills suck, but it could be way worse. As I read your blogs and see the medical things that some of you go through all of the time, I hope you know that we think about you and pray for you and I really enjoy seeing the updates of everyone. I should be a lot better at it. I have often wondered why we've had to go through this stuff. I already know that there is a Heavenly Father and I have no doubt about that, so why does it have to all come at once? Then my mom helped me remember how I had gained my testimony. There was a lot that we went through as a family between all of the "could have been deaths" ,like the time down south which was supposed to be a joy ride turned into a hell ride with dirt roads turning into slick roads with cliffs everywhere we turned because it had started to snow like no other and then loosing the transmition at the same time (which if I remember right my dad put dish soap in where the transmition fluid is supposed to go so that we could get out of the canyon?), then there was all of the medical things like Kris falling out of the tree breaking his hip pelvis and femur and then Kuris getting a third degree burn on his hand just a few weeks after that and having to have skin grafts (while Kris was still in the hospital because of the fall) , while half of our house didn't have power and the roof leaked like no other. Or the time that the wheel came off (all at different times) of the jeep and the truck and the trailer, or starting the trailer on fire because of brakes not working right or the horse almost falling through the floor of the horse trailer, or having the horse trailer coming off of the hitch as my dad was driving down the road and it flipping and my dad not even knowing it because of a huge camper they had on the truck. Luckily the horses were ok. There was many many more things like all of these things that happened, which I ought to take the time and write them all down, I could certainly make a book out of that. Anyway through all of those experiences I had come to know without a doubt that the gospel is true, that there is a Heavenly Father who loves us and our Savior, our brother, that sacrificed everything so that we can return to Heavenly Father lives. As I prayed and thought about all of that I had come to realize that yes, I do know that there is a Heavenly Father, and my kids do too, but through these things they will be able to have that firm testimony that they need to withstand those things of which the prophets have testified of that are coming to past all around us in these the latter days. I just hope that in all of the bustling of these trials and life that I will remember to teach my children, like my parents did, that Heavenly Father does love us and that everything that we went through could always have been worse, and that through those things we see the little miracles that take place in our lives everyday.
I am so grateful for all that I have come to know and for a loving Heavenly Father who does give us these trials so that we can prove to him and ourselves that we can do these things. I am so grateful to my parents that taught me the gospel daily, even when there was those times that as Elder Bednar described in a conference talk about their family gatherings "mom he's looking at me, mom she touched me" or my personal favorite that Elder Bednar said "mom he's breathing my air!" Oh good old times and in those things I am grateful for! Love you all!

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