Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here is Kaden when he had his lovely stay at the hospital. They were really awesome to him so I'm grateful for that!

Because Kaden had been in the hospital I didn't want him walking around everywhere and hurting his leg again, so I took Talbot out and me and some neighbors had fun (even though I wished that we as a family could be all together).
But we all did go to the city trunk or treat! Oh and I got my costume brand new (it was on clearance) for $7! That makes it even better! Kaden was his fire truck that he has worn for that past 3 years I think. Hey, as long as he'll wear it! Talbot was our little hunter, Kody was himself, and Maisie was a ladybug(curtesy of her aunt!)

So this next picture is from yw in excellence that we did. We as leaders just did the decorating because we were put in as a presidency just a few weeks before and there wasn't anything planned for it, so we just did it for this time. I took my christmas lights and we hung them up with tule wrapped around it and had it all coming together at the lighthouse that was made for us because our theme was Keepers of His Light. It was so cool.

So Kody and I went on one of his runs to California and on the way back for his reload they sent us this close to Kolter. Ya, if we would have had time there would have been some lunch or dinner involved. Kody tried to stop at his apartment that next week, but the truck is too big, no place to park and we didn't have a phone number to get a hold of him anyway, but it was fun to see. Kolter always talks about how there are so many rocks there. Ya, that is for sure! Anyway this picture that I'm in here, we are 104 miles away from Kolter. The other picture that we have is a sign that says Brothers 62miles and right underneath it it says Bend 104 miles. So my "brother" is in "bend" do you get it?

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