Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So one day while we were staying at my parents house all of the boys wanted to take a bath in grandmas big bathtub (which they always get to, just have never done it with all of them in there at once). Anyway, Maisie wanted to get into there too, but you all know how that would have turned out :) but she got her turn after them. I just didn't show it because there's not as many bubbles as the boys had (if you know what I mean).

So for Maisies birthday we sort of threw a party for her and got Kris and Joe(even though he had been so sick that whole week) to go with us. I had bought this bowling deal from groupons months earlier, which is so totally awesome, anyway it was for up to 6 people 2 pizzas and 2 pitchers of drinks for $25. It was so awesome! And Kris is about ready to pop here with their 2nd child, she looked like she had a bowling ball under her shirt, which some kids next to us were making "light" of, anyway she threw a strike once and jumped higher then I can and I'm not pregnant. She is so crazy, but I LOVE her tons!!!

Don't you just love how my kids pose? They are sure not camera shy!

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